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Andresen, a seasoned Bay Area environmental graphics and commercial printer for 35+ years, came to us to expand their brand awareness and social media presence. Having only their sought-after reputation and then outdated website, Andresen needed to show their current marketplace relevance and their industry-leading technology, especially to their major brand clients like Netflix, Amazon and Google to name a few.


Utilizing YouTube as a content hub for Andresen's website, social media, digital advertising and email marketing we increased brand awareness by 7x times.


MC Creative also produced all needed content to launch all the below initiatives including: copywriting, design, photo composing and video recording/editing.

Client Site:

Andresen SF logo in yellow and black
Screen Shot 2023-07-11 at 9.27.37 PM.png

Social Media

Considering that Andresen is a B2B business, we targeted LinkedIn as their focal social media network, along with Instagram, Google Business Profiles and YouTube.


The content direction was primarily fabrication and installation process videos to showcase Andresen’s capabilities and technology. These videos would also to be utilized as presentation tools by their sales team.


With a weekly posting frequency to all networks, Andresen garnered an average of 1,978 monthly impressions on LinkedIn, their target network, with an impressive 550% increase rate year-over-year for the past three years.

Cold Email Marketing

To reach new B2B prospects we utilized the ZoomInfo platform to compile monthly targeted industry email lists of 5,000 recipients, along with 1,000 existing client recipients. Targeted industries included: architectural/interior design, facilities, retail, corporations, medical, ad/design agencies, among others.


Using existing YouTube content, we focused on a different service/capability that Andresen offers in each email resulting in an average 28% open-rate with a 16% click-through rate.

Andresen Email Marketing.png

Targeted Digital Advertising

To add another layer of brand reach we ran rotating monthly Google and YouTube ads, specifically targeting industry prospects in the bay area; Again, utilizing existing YouTube videos as ad content. These ads served to bolster local brand reach on Andresen’s Google Business profile with 10,000 ad views monthly.

Website Redesign +
YouTube Integration

To present Andresen’s brand in its best light, we redesigned much of the website with trending web design aesthetics. We also also added delineated service pages featuring embedded YouTube videos and content produced for social media.

Screen Shot 2023-07-12 at 9.40.58 AM.png
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