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GoodSkin, a luxury medical spa and cosmetic dermatology clinic, reached out to us early on in its inception to start dedicated marketing and development of their patient facing technologies.


GoodSkin set itself apart from other clinics in their European approach focusing on muscular and skeletal anatomy first, rather than just a “skin deep” approach; In this way they provided holistic and individualized treatment plans for their patients.


Using GoodSkin’s distinctive approach as the spearhead of all marketing, in the span of three years, MC Creative helped GoodSkin expand operations to two luxury coastal clinics from its initial single studio-office.


MC Creative also produced all needed content to launch all the below initiatives including copywriting, design, web development, app development, photo composing and video editing.

Client Site:

GoodSkin clinics logo and wordmark in white

Targeted Digital Advertising

After identifying GoodSkin’s target client demographics, digital advertising was used as the main driver for sales and brand exposure. Using before/after results driven video ads, we ran rotating monthly Instagram and Facebook ads in affluent areas of Southern California and greater New York with much success. Digital advertising accounted for 30% of service inquiries with an impressive 22% average click-thru rate.

Social Media Management

With GoodSkin’s services being ideal content for social media, we managed an intensive daily multi-post schedule to Instagram and Facebook achieving a 160% increase in followership and interaction year-over-year.


We also established GoodSkin’s YouTube channel with long format content to funnel to other social media networks, website, PR submissions and digital advertising.


The content direction consisted of before/after results photography, patient testimonials, treatment demos and practitioner educational Q&A’s—keeping GoodSkin’s distinctive approach at the forefront of
all messaging.

GoodSkin Social media sample.png
Modern Lux March 2019.jpg

Public Relations

Coordinating with various PR agencies, we developed content to help secure features in Vogue, Cosmopolitan, The New York Times, Vanity Fair—to name a few. PR accounted for 10% of service inquiries.

Local Marketing

Google Business Profiles was utilized to increase local market reach. Through automated e-mails, SMS requests, email signature links, printed collateral and staff training, we established GoodSkin as a solid 5-Star listing in the competitor saturated cities of Los Angeles and New York with 60+ and 30+ reviews respectively. Google Business Profile searches accounted for 10% of service inquiries.

Screen Shot 2023-07-16 at 9.46.44 PM.png
Screen Shot 2023-07-17 at 10.00.04 AM.png

Website Redesign + Interactive Treatment Recommendation Feature

To further set GoodSkin apart from its competitors we redesigned the second generation of their website with an up-to-date aesthetic and incorporated an interactive patient treatment recommendation feature utilizing website blogging technology, which doubled as a reference archive of 70+ treatments. Website traffic increased 96% year-over-year on average of since website redesign.

App Development

Once GoodSkin expanded to their coastal offices they requested an integrated platform to merge their office treatment proposals with their website’s treatment recommendation feature.

MC Creative designed and managed the development of a dual-layer app to service both the back-office staff and patient end users. The app dramatically facilitated four processes in the office: proposal writing, virtual consulting, booking and billing.


The app allowed prospective patients to get treatment recommendations, which they could then forward to GoodSkin to convert to detailed treatment proposals. The patient side of the app featured detailed treatment descriptions with interactive before/after sliders and YouTube video content, along with booking and messaging capabilities. The office side of the app allowed staff to quickly compile treatment proposals, with gender/age/ethnicity matching before/after samples, as well as the ability to process credit card payments.

GS APP iPad overview.jpg
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